You would like to build a new house for your family? You would like to create a workplace where new office buildings can be built and employees can concentrate on work? I would like to provide space with facilities that can be pleased to people in the area with service facilities that common people can share? Then look no further for a partner.

Building such various buildings is realized by architects who design single-family custom houses. We have much knowledge and skills related to buildings and providing them as a service, it is necessary for general residents to use buildings for homes used in their daily lives, and for companies to provide workspace. We are building architectural offices that are used for businesses and service facilities prepared by public service institutions in a form, that can actually be used in various designs.

Buildings that can be asked by architects and architectural offices such as single-family ordered houses are designed by each service source to give priority to the desire of those who order buildings from design to equipment So it will be possible to use the building you want.

Services of architects and architectural offices can offer various service consultations not only for the construction of single-family custom houses, but also for the handling of other buildings. Apart from a single house request for ordered houses, there are places that are introducing various services such as searching for the land necessary for building construction, demolition of the building on the site originally, refurbishment of some other buildings, so we are building a new building.

Also when building a company headquarter for example, we provide our clients with various services in collaboration with partners for topics like trademark registration or legal issues. 

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